No tricks or obstacles!

You pay when the job is done.

The cost of the professional support is given by time spent with the customer.


750 Kč/h
Proper configuration of home network with focus on re-using the current HW or selection of price-optimal solution based on customer needs.


1000 Kč/h
Design, setup and maintanance of company networks with focus on high stability, reliability and security of the solution.

– Location out of city Prague –

20 CZK/km

Based on given expectations I always do a customer specific solution to achieve the technically and economically optimal result.

I act in a fair personal approach, fast and open communication. What we agree on, you can expect!

I never provide pre-configured devices or “universal setups”. I always do an analysis of the current situation, deliver a personalized solution and verify the result.

I deliver good quality work and never leave a job half-done.

… and dont forget: You can always ask for free!

So don´t hesitate

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Fakturační údaje: Ing. Jiří Kulda, U Náměstí 708, 252 41 Dolní Břežany, IČ: 03332586
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